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[hal-03337960] Novel characterization of the relationship between verbal list‐learning outcomes and hippocampal subfields in healthy adults

The relationship between hippocampal subfield volumetry and verbal list-learning test outcomes have mostly been studied in clinical and elderly populations, and remain controversial. For the first time, we characterized a relationship between verbal list-learning test outcomes and hippocampal subfield volumetry on two large separate datasets of 447 and 1,442 healthy young and middle-aged adults, and explored the processes that could explain this relationship. We observed a replicable positive linear correlation between verbal list-learning test free recall scores and CA1 volume, specific to verbal list learning as demonstrated by the hippocampal subfield volumetry independence from verbal intelligence. Learning meaningless items was also positively correlated with CA1 volume, pointing to the role of the test design rather than word meaning. Accordingly, we found that association-based mnemonics mediated the relationship between verbal list-learning test outcomes and CA1 volume. This mediation suggests that integrating items into associative representations during verbal list-learning tests explains CA1 volume variations: this new explanation is consistent with the associative functions of the human CA1.

[hal-03346646] Functionnectome as a framework to analyse the contribution of brain circuits to fMRI.


[hal-03346941] The MRi-Share database: brain imaging in a cross-sectional cohort of 1,870 university students.


[hal-03346557] Filtering in tractography using autoencoders (FINTA)


[hal-03242838] The Role of White Matter Disconnection in the Symptoms Relating to the Anarchic Hand Syndrome: A Single Case Study


[hal-03345943] The inferior fronto-occipital fascicle: a century of controversies from anatomy theaters to operative neurosurgery.


[hal-03224904] Hodology of the superior longitudinal system of the human brain: a historical perspective, the current controversies, and a proposal


[hal-03225523] Hierarchical microstructure informed tractography


[hal-03156503] SEEG re-exploration in a patient with complex frontal epilepsy with rapid perisylvian propagation and mixed "startle - reflex" seizures


[hal-03101306] Neural support of manual preference revealed by BOLD variations during right and left finger-tapping in a sample of 287 healthy adults balanced for handedness




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