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HAL-UrbaChina Open Archive

HAL (Hyper Article en Ligne) is an international and multidisciplinary open access archive, which provides free access to research articles and publications. HAL-UrbaChina Open Archive gathers working papers series and articles written by the UrbaChina team. The collection covers several key aspects of China's urbanisation, including the institutional foundations of urbanisation, the territorial expansion of Chinese cities, urban communities, and urban sustainability.

UrbaChina analyses China's urbanisation trends for the next 40 years and defines possible future scenarios, with reference to concepts of sustainability. It is a collaborative project funded by the European Union within the European Seventh Framework Programme and managed by a consortium of 11 European and Chinese institutions:

·      Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France)

·       East China Normal University (China)

·       Development Research Centre of the State Council (China)

·      Services and Enterprise Research Unit, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)

·      Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)

·      London School of Economics & Political Science (United Kingdom)

·      Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

·       Istituto di Studi per l’Integrazione dei Sistemi (Italy)

·       Instituto de Ciencias Sociais University of Lisbon (Portugal)

·       School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University (China)

·       Anhui Academy of Environmental Science Research (China)

A collection of pictures is also available on open access at MediHAL.

For more information, visit the UrbaChina website and the UrbaChina blog or write to