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This collection gathers the proceedings of the second SurVishno conference, held in Toulouse in July 2023 as part of the Resonance event.  

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Tuesday 11th

Model & System identification
Chair: Simon Chesné

Fleet Monitoring
Chair: Konstantinos Gryllias

Signal Processing
Chair: Gianluca D'Elia

Comparative study of the first bending modes of a cantilever beam from a video measurement
Touzet Jimmy, Alata Olivier, Bonnardot Frédéric, Chesne Simon, André Hugo

Feature extraction in Non-stationary Conditions
Achilleos Achilleas, Leclère Quentin, Antoni Jérôme

Towards a self-evaluation of the reconstruction of the instantaneous phase of a vibration signal
Karkar sami, Had anas, Haut bertrand, Touzet Jimmy, Andre Hugo

Harmonic modal analysis using hydroelectric runner steady-state strain gauge measurements
Morin Nicolas, Dollon Quentin, Antoni Jérôme, Tahan Souheil-Antoine, Monette Christine, Gagnon Martin

Effective Identification of Cyclic Excitation and Resonance in Nonstationary Gearbox Vibration Monitoring
Ahani Mojtaba, Bourdon Adeline, Remond Didier

Time and angle analysis of Instantaneous Angular Speed signal: impact on average velocity and order spectrums
Burel Arthur, Bourdon Adeline, Remond Didier

Identification of the Payne effect in a viscoelastic material coupling Bayesian identification and Digital Twin
Jaboviste Kévin, Teloli Rafael, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline, Chevallier Gaël

Automated domain adaptation for bearings fault detection and classification
Karkafi Fadi, Raad Amani, Abboud Dany, Marnissi Yosra, Doquet Guillaume, El Badaoui Mohammed

Enhancing the Performance of the Multi-Order Probabilistic Approach in Angular Speed Estimation through Adaptive Window Selection
Protopapadakis georgios, Peeters Cédric, Leclère Quentin, Helsen Jan

Parametric modal testing using slow but continuous variation of operating conditions. Illustration on a contact bench
Malacrida Alves Guilherme, Balmes Etienne, Martin Guillaume, Chancelier Thierry, Kassa Enzo

Results on experimental data analysis of independent linear motors in non-stationary conditions
Jabbar Abdul, Cocconcelli Marco, D'elia Gianluca, Strozzi Matteo, Rubini Riccardo

Exploring the potential of sparsity-based spectral estimation for vibration analysis
Peeters Cédric, Jakobsson Andreas, Antoni Jérôme, Helsen Jan

Estimation of the piezoelectric factor in nonlinear transducers
Peyrouse Floriane, Michon Guilhem, Chesne Simon, Jean Frederic, Aubry Alice

Performance study of DTW-based spike measurement anomaly detection in sensors on real world tests
Cornelis Bram, Deuschle Federico, Gryllias Konstantinos

Design considerations for smartphone camera-based rotational speed measurement
Verwimp Toby, Mauricio Alexandre, Gryllias Konstantinos

Design of a Resonant Plate for Pyroshock Testing based on Shape and Size Heuristic Optimization
Viale Luca, Daga Alessandro Paolo, Garibaldi Luigi

Investigating the usage of Proxy-A-Distance as a measure of dataset shift detection and quantification in an automotive booming noise classification setting
Kunte Deepti, Cornelis Bram, Colangeli Claudio, Gryllias Konstantinos

Extraction of the acoustic modal content of a turbofan engine in non stationary conditions using order analysis
Miranda-Fuentes johann, Pereira antonio, Leclère Quentin, Antoni Jérôme

Dynamic modeling 1
Chair: Morvan Ouisse

Fault Diagnostics & prognostics 1
Chair: Hugo André

Condition Monitoring 1
Chair: Jérôme Antoni

A model-based approach for the NVH performance improvement of Soft Close Actuators for automotive applications
Natali Caterina, Manfredini Giacomo, Scarfone Vincenzo, Becattini Fabrizio, Dalpiaz giorgio, Mucchi Emiliano

A federated learning approach for rolling bearing fault diagnosis on data sources with imbalanced class distribution
De Fabritiis Fabrizio, Gryllias Konstantinos

Acoustic Monitoring of Rolling Element Bearings using a Sparse Microphone Array,
Wu Xian, Denayer Hervé, Gryllias Konstantinos

Optimization of the Energy Input and Output Parameters for Pyroshock Testing
Daga Alessandro Paolo, Viale Luca, Fasana Alessandro

Cyclic monitoring of the Remaining Useful Life RUL for the Bearing fault prognosis
Benyagoub Abderrahmane

Automatic Processing of Air Gap Monitoring Signals in Hydro-Generators
Faure-Giovagnoli Pierre, Turbidi Christophe, Scuturici Vasile-Marian

Numerical analysis of the dynamic behavior of rotor shafts in permanent magnet synchronous machines
Poupon Thomas, Abdelnour Nicolas, Givois Arthur, Lanfranchi Vincent, Chazot Jean-Daniel, Hamiti tahar, Caule Patrice

Modelling and diagnosis of a crack of a bearing inner ring
Combet Francois, Thomas Xavier

Bearing diagnostics and speed estimation via smartphone standalone data
Mauricio Alexandre, Verwimp Toby, Gryllias Konstantinos

Control of an acoustic mode by a digitally created Nonlinear Electroacoustic Absorber at low excitation levels: Analytical and Experimental results
Morell Maxime, Collet manuel, Gourdon Emmanuel, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza

Study of bearing fault detectability on a rotating machine by vibro-acoustic characterisation as a function of a noisy surrounding machine
Attal Emmanuel, Ossonemane Asseko Elga, Sekko Edgard, Sbai Nadia, Ravier Philippe

Bearing diagnostics based on a Spectral combination of Hjorth's parameters
D'elia Gianluca, Cocconcelli Marco, Daga alessandro Paolo, Garibaldi Luigi, Rubini Riccardo

Exploring the Impact of Defect Geometry on Bearing Dynamic Behavior Using Spall and Indentation Models
Schwarcz Ori, Bortman Jacob, Klein Renata

On the detection of rolling contact fatigue in large bearings using roller embedded sensors
Baggerohr Stephan

Data-driven Interpretable Optimized Weights Derived from A Sparsity Measure Framework and Their Applications in Machine Condition Monitoring
Bingchang Hou, Wang Dong, Peng Zhike

Unknown load torque estimation on rotary drivetrains with exploitation of angular periodicity in an extended Kalman filter
Van der Veken Thijs, Croes Jan, Janssens Dennis, Naets Frank


Information Fusion of Infrared Images and Acoustic Signals for Bearing Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery
Siami Mohammad, Shiri Hamid, Barszcz Tomasz, Wodecki jacek, Zimroz Radoslaw


Wednesday 12th

Dynamic modeling 2
Chair: Emeline Sadoulet-Reboul

Fault Diagnostics & prognostics 2
Chair: Renata Klein

Condition Monitoring 2
Chair: Marco Cocconcelli

Non-Linear data-driven model for a solar tracker aeroelastic simulation
Vedovelli Matteo, Castellani Francesco, Becchetti Matteo

Impact of low inner ring waviness orders on Hybrid ball bearing under high speeds
Berrada Salma, Serra roger, Van Dalen Piet, Chastagner Celine

Non-Gaussian noise in rotating machines: sources, impact to local damage detection procedures and possible solutions
Zimroz Radoslaw, Antoni Jérôme, Barszcz Tomasz, Wylomanska Agnieszka, Wodecki Jacek, Hebda-Sobkowicz Justyna, Michalak Anna

Phase transitions in a resonating free-piston engine generator
Dunne Julian

Orthogonal nonnegative matrix factorization as informative frequency band selector
Gabor Mateusz, Zdunek rafal, Zimroz Radoslaw, Wylomanska Agnieszka

Bearing degradation indicator using characteristic frequencies applied on non-stationary vibration signals
Marsick Adrien, Bertoni Renaud, André Hugo, Khelf Ilyes, Leclère Quentin, Antoni Jérôme

Rubber part characterisation for rotordynamics analysis
Tezenas Du Montcel Florian, Baguet Sébastien, Andrianoely Marie-Ange, Dufour Régis, Grange Stéphane, Briançon Laurent, Kanty Piotr

Noise robust gearbox defect diagnosis
Sekko Edgard, Capdessus Cécile, Attal Emmanuel

Optimal filter design for rotating machinery fault detection under time-varying speed conditions
Schmidt Stephan, Wilke Daniël N., Heyns p. Stephan, Gryllias Konstantinos C.

Determining Loads for Down-scaled Testing of Wind Turbine Pitch Bearings using an Augmented Kalman Filter and Virtual Measurements
Dwek Nathan, De Gregoriis Daniel, Olave Mireia, Kirchner Matteo, Naets Frank

Modeling and identifying non-stationary long-term historical condition monitoring data in the presence of noise with non-Gaussian characteristics
Shiri Hamid, Zimroz Pawel, Wylomanska Agnieszka, Zimroz Radoslaw

The design of optimal indicators for early fault detection using a generalized likelihood ratio test
Kestel Kayacan, Antoni Jérôme, Peeters Cédric, Leclère Quentin, Girardin françois, Ooijevaar Ted, Helsen Jan

Identification of vibration damping in 3D-printed lattice structures
Tanays Rémy, Castro Moreno Antonio, Jaulent aude, Filloux Benoit, Barriere Ludovic, Michon Guilhem, Sanches Leonardo, Fabries Christophe

Robust and automatic diagnosis of rotating machine faults by long-term spectral analysis
Had Anas, Andre Hugo, Jouve Jérémy, Morel Hervé, El Badaoui Mohamed

Combined bearing faults detection using the Multiple Improved Envelope Spectra via Feature Optimization gram (MIESFO-gram) in complex systems
Yazdanianasr Mahsa, Mauricio Alexandre, Gryllias Konstantinos

Stochastic Digital Twin of a Composite Plate for Predicting Lamb Wave Propagation
Ferreira Leonardo, Teloli Rafael, Da Silva Samuel, Figueiredo Eloi, Moldovan Dragos, Maia Nuno, Cimini Jr Carlos


Temporal companding for the evaluation of a rotor rotation speed during strong transients
Griffaton Julien

Data driven condition monitoring 1
Chair: Mario Eltabach

Passive Control of Vibrations
Chair: Régis Dufour

Condition Monitoring 3
Chair: Francesco Castellani

Vibration based milling diagnostics using Artificial Intelligence
Vinchon Guillaume, Knittel Dominique, Nouari mohammed, Makich Hamid, Yakob Abderrahmane, Romani Daniel

Vibration response of a machine structure filled with high-damping material
Troncossi Marco, Rivola Alessandro, Vincenzi nicolo, Martini Alberto

Experimental study on condition indicators for severity estimation of growing spall in bearings
Bublil Tal, Klein Renata, Maljaars Bert, Taal Cees, Bortman Jacob

Multi-Source Information Fusion Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery using Signal and Data Processing
Makrouf Iman, Zegrari Mourad, Ouachtouk Ilias, Dahi Khalid

Nonlinear damper approaches to flutter mitigation in highly-flexible wings
Alcorta Roberto, Chouvion Benjamin, Montagnier Olivier, Leroy Annie, Michon Guilhem

Wavelet-based high order spectrum for local damage diagnosis of gears under different operating conditions
Zhu Rui, Mousmoulis Georgios, Gryllias Konstantinos

Wind turbine drivetrain fault detection using physics-informed multivariate deep learning
Jamil Faras, Peeters Cédric, Verstraeten Timothy, Helsen Jan

Nonlinear passive control of galloping of overhead transmission lines: design and numerical verifications
Leroux Matthieu, Langlois Sébastien, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza

Identification of non-informative noise component in time-frequency representations. Application to vibration-based local damage detection
Wylomanska Agnieszka, Zimroz Radoslaw, Barszcz Tomasz, Skowronek Katarzyna, Antoni Jérôme

Anomaly Detection in Aircraft Engine Vibration Using Deep Convolutional Autoencoder
El Hidali Abdallah

Understanding vibroimpact damping through a numerical energy based approach
Chabrier Robin, Foltête Emmanuel, Chevallier Gaël, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline

Robust estimators of autocorrelation function in application to local damage detection for non-Gaussian signals
Zulawinski Wojciech, Antoni Jérôme, Zimroz Radoslaw, Wylomanska Agnieszka

Airplane turbulence detection with hybrid deep learning model
Dampeyrou Charles, Dion Jean-Luc, Dehoux Anita, Ghienne Martin

A passive nonlinear absorber for controlling pathological tremors of human arm
Gebai Sarah, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza, Lamarque Claude-Henri

Algorithm for the detection of faults in rolling element bearings running under tacholess and variable rotating speed conditions
Valdés Lisa, Hernandez Fidel, Rodri­guez Andy

Ball bearing diagnosis using a homogenous hybrid database in a supervised machine learning
Sow Souleymane, Chiementin Xavier, Rasolofondraibe Lanto, Cousinard Olivier

Control based continuation of non-autonomous system - stabilization mechanisms
Gourc Etienne



Thursday 13th

Data driven condition monitoring 2
Chair:  Agnieszka Wylomanska

NVH of eco-efficient powertrains
Chair: Didier Remond

Structural Health Monitoring
Chair: Fabien Chevillotte

Detection of machine mechanical faults using vibrations and deep autoencoders
Eltabach Mario, Govaert Gérard

Multi-Physic Analysis of Power Electronic Control Parameters in a Simulation Framework
Salamone Nicolo, Kucukcoskun Korcan, Colangeli Claudio, Bianciardi Fabio, Janssens Karl, Sarrazin Mathieu, Desmet Wim

From Lab to tail boom: the challenges to develop a SHM system in an industrial context
Bottois Paul, Ordonneau Benjamin, Vo Thien

Wind turbine gearbox condition monitoring through a multi-scale data-driven approach
Castellani Francesco, Vedovelli Matteo

NVH optimization of electric motors: optimization under constraints and uncertainty
Dupont Jean-Baptiste, Jeannerot Martin, Sadoulet-Reboul Emeline, Ouisse Morvan, Lanfranchi Vincent

On the time reversal method for fault diagnosis on a beam: some preliminary results
Huguet Mélissandre, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza, Lamarque Claude-Henri, Collet Manuel

Vibration-based unsupervised detection of common faults in rotating machinery under varying operating speeds
Bourdalos Dimitrios M., Sakellariou John S.

Resynchronization of tonal acoustic field in multi-pass non-stationary microphone array measurements
Kottakota Kalasagarreddi, Antoni Jérôme, Leclère Quentin, Bouley Simon, Colangeli Claudio

Structural Health Monitoring using time reversal techniques in acoustic domains
Ponthus Nicolas, Wassereau Thibault, Guyader Guillaume, Le Gall Thomas, Vouagner Pascal, Charvin Jacques

Acoustic Treatment
Chair:  Quentin Leclère

Virtual measurements for exterior vibroacoustic problems using experimental modal models
Staiger Julian, Naets Frank, Troge Jan, Van Ophem Sjoerd

Operational modal analysis for scour monitoring of bridge piers
Belmokhtar Mohamed, Ture Savadkoohi Alireza, Chevalier Christophe, Schmidt Franziska

Acoustic porous resonant metamaterials for rotor insulation
Plisson Jules, Lachheb Anas, Cavalheiro Thiago

Resynchronization of sequential measurements using the Maximally-Coherent Reference technique
Albezzawy Muhammad Nabil, Antoni Jérôme, Leclère Quentin

A study on efficient approaches for modeling Lamb wave propagation in joint metal plates with embedded defect
Mardanshahi Ali, Lu Houyu, Van Den Abeele Koen, Chronopoulos Dimitrios

Experimental characterization of recycled surgical face masks used directly as acoustic treatments
Castori Colin, Parisot-Dupuis Hélène


Effects of multi-axis random vibration environments on fatigue-life and durability predictions
Proner Enrico, Mucchi Emiliano