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Here is the updated scientific production of the STEAMER research team (Spatio-temporal information, adaptability, multimedia and knowledge representation), part of the research area "Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale" within the LIG, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

The research conducted by the group STEAMER is focused on Web-based, spatial-temporal information systems, and more specifically, on processing spatial-temporal multimedia.

Our objective is to propose formalisms and methods permitting progression in the conceptualization, implementation and utilization of spatial-temporal multimedia information systems.
Considering the heterogeneous and mobile environments of these systems, we try to take into account:
- the diversity of users (in terms of their needs, priorities, levels of understanding, etc.),
- and its contexts of use (work stations, mobile phones, fixed or variable location, Web)
to offer a service or information adapted in terms of contents and presentation.

Our research is realized through the conceptualization and development of platforms and frameworks based on the possibilities of object-oriented knowledge systems and:
- structured or semi-structured formalisms (ontologies, objects),
- as well as Web technology (XML, Web services).

The application of our research takes place in the domain of Geographic Information Systems (interactive cartography, spatial analysis, mobile GIS, location-based services) and natural risks.

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